Publish your pedagogical content needs at the best price


The contents creator are teachers, experts, schools, universities, companies who offer these services:

  • Tailored training/coaching
  • Tutorials, video/Audio creation
  • Pedagogical scenarii
  • Webinar and Web Conferencing
  • In many skills: web development, marketing, finance, sales, design, science, arts...

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Investors are companies, schools, universities, experts who need to develop tailored courses:

  • For their internal needs
  • For their customers
  • For reselling
  • When an investors needs is published an auction takes place. The best offer regarding customer criteria will win the project.

Why this marketplace?

  • To get the best price from the community without third party
  • To create more projects on education market
  • To encourage investment in education
  • All projects published on generates 85% life income

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