Topic outline

  • Welcome


    Welcome to Employment Skills

    Watch this video which explains what the unit is about.

    This unit involves three main activities. You will

    Magnifying glass
    - find out about an area of work.

    - carry out tasks involved in this job.

    - ask yourself how you are doing.

  • Investigate


  • Practise


    When you start your work experience you will develop lots of practical skills but you also need to work on some general skills that apply whatever job you are doing.

    The following activities will help you explore some of the ways that an employee is expected to behave in work.

    Be honest with yourself and think about whether you need to work on some of these.

    Roles and responsibilities

  • Reflect


    At the start of the unit take time to think about or reflect on the things that you do well and also the things which you know you could be better at.

    You should think about both job skills and people skills.

    Keep a copy of your results and as you get more practice you should repeat the activities to see where you have made improvements.

    It is important to be honest so that you can set yourself some personal targets.