Topic outline

  • Moving On

    moving on

    Welcome to Moving On a short course for students looking for a job.

    If you are someone who is looking for a job and caring for someone Moving On will help you to 

    • fill in your application form and CV  
    • identify your skills  
    • make the most of your skills and experience at job interviews  
    • know some of your rights at work

    Working through the next few pages will take about 45 minutes. You don't have to finish in one visit you can come back to this resources as many times as you would like. If you need advice or help with any of these exercises speak to either your tutor or guidance staff.

  • Applying for Jobs


    You are not alone, at least 3 million people work and have caring responsibilities. If you are studying at college and have caring responsibilities you have already proved that you are very capable - so be proud of yourself. 

    Look at Ajay and Molly's stories on the next 2 tabs and see how they used their caring experience when they applied for jobs.

    However remember you don't have to mention you have caring responsibilities on your application form, CV or at interview.  If you do you may want to write or say something like this:

    • I have good time management skills, I combine looking after my disabled son with successfully studying at college.
    • I am well organised and can manage several responsibilities at a time, for example I successfully studied at college while I cared for my elderly mother.

    At an interview an employer looks for evidence of your skills, you may want to say something like this:

    • I have good organisational skills, I looked after my disabled brother and completed my course.
    • I am good at multi-tasking, I was able to study at college and cared for my father who is blind.

    • Ajay's Story


      This first exercise shows you how Ajay used the skills he learned while caring for his wife Lisa when he applied for a job. Click on start then use the arrows to look through Ajay's story.


    • Molly's Story


      Now look at  Molly's story and think about all the skills she has learned while caring for her mother and younger brother. Click on start and use the arrows to move through Molly's story.

    • Interviews

      What do I say at interview?

      You don't have to say anything at interview about your caring responsibilities but when asked any questions about your skills you may want to mention skills you've gained or improved through your caring role as well as through studying or employment.

      When you're asked a question at interview try to include an example, let's see how Molly and Ajay got on.

      Follow this link below to get a complete guide of questions with examples answers.

    • Your Rights

      Your Rights

      Once you have a job it is important to know your rights, take a bit of time to look at the information and links below.

      The law gives all employees the right to ask for flexible working as long as they have been employed for more than 26 weeks. You can only do this once a year or if your circumstances suddenly change.

      Also employers cannot discriminate against carers or harass them this includes not offering someone a promotion because of their caring responsibilities.

      Useful Links