Frequently Asked Questions

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Everyone can use LeaXR. It's completely free. Students, teachers, universities can consult, create, host and distribute learning content. However some content are accessible under payment conditions.

Students access to : - a large catalogue build with Machine Learning and prediction engine : Management, Finance, Mathematic, IT, Webdesign, Mobile App, Sales & Marketing, Technology, languages, Medical&Health, environment… - to online lessons : one to one and group classes.

Teachers, schools, universities create and import self-paced lessons by rich-media tools : MOOC, Videos, Tutorials, Quiz, Articles….and deliver online lessons (one to one and group classes).

The learning content marketplace offer to investors to participate to the learning content creation. Investors, schools, universities and teachers will receive life royalties on their investments.

We believe that education content need to be shared to everyone. Other platforms are usually closed and don't share their content. It limits the content creation and education stimulation. Also, teachers, schools, universities have already a lot of resources. They keep it because they cannot share without copyright security and guarantee of fair use. We offer to creator to host and distribute their content with life guarantee on property and life royalties on paid content.
Teachers cannot work for free or by their own. They need help and to be paid for their content. In the other hand, schools, universities, companies need taylored learning content. They need to create specific courses for their customers. Through LeaXR we offer to meet the need of teachers and investors.
Blockchain and ledger transactions offer a revolution for the education market. Students need more official recognition on their courses and certifications. They also need to pay the cheapest cost. Blockchain permits to limit the third-part control and automatize some functions to be in direct contact with teachers. Teachers need more guarantee on their content rights and royalties and also to get paid properly for their work. Investors need to track their investment with big transparency and without manipulation. Blockchain solves all these needs by bringing life datas tracking, security and efficiency.
For now the LeaXR platform is at the stage 1. We will introduce new features in months coming. Stay tuned.
LeaXR platform is a worldwide project and aim to bring a new dimension to the education market. We need investors to become the leading learning platform.

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