Unit 5 Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • categorize notable researchers and studies according to the major theories of memory and learning;
  • differentiate among the various types of memory, including:
    • Semantic memory,
    • Episodic memory,
    • Sensory memory,
    • Short-term memory,
    • Long-term memory,
    • Declarative (explicit) memory,
    • Procedural memory, and
    • Implicit;
  • explain how the various types of memory work together;
  • characterize the stages of the process of memory;
  • explain the role of physiology and neuropsychology in the memory process, including especially the following:
    • Hippocampus,
    • Amygdala, and
    • Cerebellum;
  • identify causes of memory problems.

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