SALES103 Sales Presentation Example

Watch this sample sales presentation.

With everything you have learned so far in the course, use your knowledge to construct a 5- to 7-minute sales presentation for any product or service of your choice. If possible, use a product or service related to your earlier job search in subunit 1.2.1; however, that is not a requirement.

In preparing your sales presentation, refer back to the reading in subunit 3.3.1 and the SPIN technique presented in subunit 3.3.2. The SPIN technique can be used to structure your presentation. Practice the presentation several times and then record a video of yourself making the presentation with any means you have available.

After you've made your recording, please make it available for other students to view by visiting the SALES103 Discussion Forum and providing a link to your video along with your answers to the following evaluation questions. Re-watch the video of your sales presentation and evaluate yourself using the following criteria:

  • Did I make my presentation with adequate clarity and conviction?
  • Did I articulate features and benefits in my presentation?
  • Did I appear to be credible and trustworthy in my presentation?
  • Was the use of the SPIN technique evident in the presentation?
  • Did I employ appeals using logic, emotion, or credibility?
  • Were my thoughts and arguments coherent and without obvious error?
  • Were the transitions between thoughts in my presentation relatively smooth?
  • Did I incorporate an effective close in the presentation?
  • What objections would I anticipate from people who heard this sales presentation?
  • What three to five things could I improve on in this presentation?
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